FBC Prevention and Recovery

When most of us hear the word addiction, we think of alcohol, drugs and gambling. But we don't have to be alcoholics, drug addicts or compulsive gamblers to know the pain of being human and feel the desire to escape this pain. Food, work, cigarettes, care taking, relationships, money, sex and power can each offer a place to hide.

The mission of the Faith Partners Prevention and Recovery Ministry Team is to provide alcohol, drug and other addictions awareness, referral and support information to the congregation of First Baptist Church, Shawnee.

All requests for referral and support are kept confidential.

FBC Prevention and Recovery Team

Jeremiah Garlow
(405) 326-5414

Jon Greenwood
(405) 570-1854

Charles Hawkins
(405) 615-2713

Elaine Hawkins
(405) 613-1937

David James
(405) 503-5533

George McLaughlin
(405) 273-3458

Sallie McLaughlin
(405) 640-9020

Jan Tipton
(405) 273-2789