Renew the Fellowship

2016 has gotten off to a great start for FBC.  God is moving in our church.  It is exciting to see and be a part of what God is doing. 


As the staff and I began praying and preparing for 2016, we came up with four different goals we wanted to see our church focus on:


1.  Intentional Community under Christ:  We believe that small groups, be they Sunday School classes, Grief Share classes, and other small groups like choirs are incredibly important for discipleship and ministering to one another.  We hope that you find a small group to take part in this year.

2.  Meaningful worship that blesses all generations:  We want you to participate with God's people in worship.  Our goal is to first of all be a Christ-honoring, Christ-exalting service.  We seek to do this with many styles of music, of preaching, and praying.  We have no formula as each service is a blank slate.

3.  A commitment to Spiritual Formation:  We want each of you to have an interactive experience with God.  We will continue to supply discipleship books to aid you in your relationship with God.  We also have groups memorizing scripture in our church.  We have groups dedicated to prayer.  Our lent series will be all about Spiritual formation as we head to the cross.

4.  Participation in God's Mission:  God is at work in the world, and we want to join him.  We have a trip scheduled to Guatemala to finish putting in some water filters, prayer walk, and to witness to Christ's love.  We are also supporting Mark Burnett on a mission trip to Cuba, our youth choir to Atlanta, our youth group to Missions Camp in New Mexico, and a host of other opportunities for you to be involved locally through Mission Shawnee, Salvation Army, Family Promise, and other ministries.  We also hope to better empower you to share your faith.   


There are many opportunities for you to be involved in the life of the church both in and outside the walls of FBC.  Part of our effort in creating an Intentional Community under Christ is a campaign called Renew the Fellowship.  Every single family connected with our church will be contacted by phone over the next two weeks.  Our purpose is to simiply invite you to take part in what God is doing at FBC.  There will also be a time for your to have any comments or suggestions when you are called.  These will be kept anonymous and will be used as an evaluation to help us become a stronger church.  We love our church, and believe God has great things in store for us in 2016 and beyond.    


Grace and Peace to you. 


Bro. Ray