Who is This Man?

The past couple of years we have slowly worked our way through the Gospel of Matthew.  As we head into 2015, we will be spending nearly the whole year on one week of Jesus' life.  He is going to come into Jerusalem with the religious pilgrims with the parade of a humble king, but by the end of the week will be crucified.  We will see the final teachings of Jesus, the final moments and betrayal with his disciples, and ultimately the death and resurrection of Jesus.  As we ingest these words and stories slowly, they will invite each of us to ask again "Who is this man?"  

In reality, the whole gospel invites us to ask who this man Jesus is.  Who is the man who was born into a bit of scandal in his small town of Nazareth.  Who is this man whose father Joseph adopted and gave up his reputation as a righteous man?  Who is this man who rulers from the east came to worship?  Who is this man who proclaimed the Kingdom of Heaven has drawn near?   Who is this man who taught the true meaning of the scriptures?  Who is this man who heals and touches lepers, blind men, and women who were all deemed untouchable?  Who is this man who constantly confronts the corrupt leadership of Israel?  Who is this man who can calm the seas?  Who is this man that calls you and me to follow Him to the cross?  Who is this man who calls you to love God with all your being and to truly love your neighbor as yourself?  

This is the most important question you can ask in your life.  I hope that you examine your soul this year and see if you truly know who Jesus is.  

I hope you are having a blessed Christmas!  

Bro. Ray