Harvest Sunday

This coming Sunday we will celebrate our Harvest Sunday with a church-wide breakfast.  This Sunday was born out of  conversation and prayer in church council.  We are unusually behind budget giving this year.  After discussion and prayer, church council decided we needed to give a jolt our church and challenge us to make up the deficit.  The idea of a Harvest Sunday was born to do just that.  We are asking you to pray about giving to your church on Sunday.  Some of you all are newer Christians and may not have ever given to a local church before.  We ask you to pray about giving.  Some of you might be faithful givers and for whatever reason have fallen behind.  We are asking you to pray about catching up.  Others of you are faithful givers each week and month.  We are asking you to pray about giving a gift above what you normally give.  

A question that always concerns me as pastor is what are we giving to when we give to the church?  Are we as a church faithfully using the fellowship money God has provided us with?  God had been stirring in my soul for a while to articulate a vision for our church.  About a year ago we did a sermon series called "Church DNA" in which we explored how the church is a reflection of the Triune God's fellowship of Love.  God is one through the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  God exists as a fellowship of love within the Trinity.  The church is a fellowship of love that participates with God's work in the world through Worship, Discipleship, and Mission.  Our vision centers around those three practices - Worship, Discipleship, and Mission.  This Sunday we will pray, sing, and dream together.  If you are visiting our church or thinking about joining, this would be a great Sunday to hear about what God is doing and where God is taking us.  If you have been coming for 70 years, this would be a great Sunday to come and hear about what God is doing and where God is taking us.

We will start serving pancakes about 9:00.  The whole family is invited.  Elaine will be taking our children over to the Salvation Army about 9:30 to drop off our cans for the can drive.  We hope to see you Sunday!   

I love you all.

Bro. Ray