FUN  °  THINGS  °  FOR  °  KIDS  °  AT  °  CHURCH

Saturday, March 7, 2015

OKC, Portland Ave. Baptist Church

A hands-on missions experience - kids will come away with a deeper passion to do missions.

Tickets are $10 each

Leave church at 8:15 a.m. and return by 4:45 p.m.

Event Activities:

*Bible Skills Games                        *Inflatables                              *Archery
*Missionary speakers            *Mission Challenge Wall                  *Worship

Lunch will be served there!

Elaine Hawkins will be coordinating the group from First Baptist Church of Shawnee to attend this event. Parents are also welcome to come. Please call, text, or email Elaine that your child wants to attend by Wednesday evening March 4th. No more than five tickets can be purchased at the door per group so we need to buy as many tickets ahead of time as possible.

Elaine Hawkins 613-1937 and


Launch Sequence with Missionaries

Missionaries representing various countries and ministries will be stationed in Launch Sequence rooms for boys, girls and adults to participate in fun, hands-on activities representing the missionary's experiences on the field. A variety of activities will be offered in each room. The children will get hands-on experience with missionaries from all over the world. 

Mission Challenge Wall

Children's groups are encouraged to seek and accept the challenge of doing missions. Today's children are often self-focused and have no plans of serving others. Churches would involve kids more if they had some ideas. The Missions Challenge Wall will allow groups to explore over 40 ideas of missions participation to be done during the next year.