First Connections March 31, 2017

FIRST CONNECTIONS – March 31, 2017

First Baptist Church Shawnee

Be Disciples. Make Disciples.

Every one who comes to me and hears my words and does them, I will show you what he is like: he is like a man building a house, who dug deep, and laid the foundation upon rock; and when a flood arose, the stream broke against that house, and could not shake it, because it had been well built. Luke 6:47



Sunday Sermon, April 2; “The Final Five Yards”; Matt. 4:19;

Paul Stevens.



Hope you enjoy the new simplified church bulletin; we have estimated that it will save both time and money and believe it will be easier to read as well. Thank you, Mary



Walking the Prayer Labyrinth at FBC Shawnee

First Baptist Church of Shawnee will have an indoor Prayer Labyrinth for the last 2 weeks of Lent & Easter Sunday (April 2nd- April 16th).   The Labyrinth will be located on the 1st floor in the back southeast room of the Children’s Area.   It can be used for self-guided walks any time the church is open:

·         Mondays-Fridays 8:30-12 & 1pm-5pm

·         Wednesdays during the day and 4:45pm-8:45pm

·         Sundays 8:45am-12:30pm

Elaine Hawkins will lead guided walks the following times:

·         Sunday April 2nd from 4-5pm

·         Sunday April 2nd from 4-5pm

·         After Maundy Thursday Service April 13th from 7-8 pm



New Prayer Group

Wednesday, 3/29/17, at 7 AM, an open to all prayer group met in Fellowship Hall for prayer. Where two (or more-hoping for more) are gathered in His name…we prayed for the church in many areas. We admitted that we need God’s help and blessing for our church, its work in the community and abroad, unity, and to find His will for our future. This group will meet again next Wednesday; open to all! Prayers were sweet and sincere; come be blessed. Let God know we are earnest about loving His church.



Meetings this week:

Monday, April 3, 11:30 am                                Church Council

Wednesday, April 5, 4:00 pm                                     Properties

Sunday, April 9, 4:00 pm                                            Personnel



Wednesday, April 5

 Properties Committee                                                 4:00 pm

Church Dinner                                                               5:00 pm

Young Ringers                                                               5:00 pm

Children’s Choir                                                            5:30 pm

Mission Friends                                                            6:00 pm

Prayer Meeting in A-100                                             6:00 pm

Kid’s Sack Dinner                                                         6:30 pm

Shimmer                                                                      6:45 pm

Single and Parenting                                                  6:45 pm

Spark                                                                           6:45 pm

TeamKid                                                                      6:45 pm

Adult Choir                                                                  7:00 pm


Wednesday Night Dinner

Chef Sampley’s Delicious Prized Hot Rolls, Oven Roasted Ham, Pioneer Woman Mashed Potatoes, Whole Kernel Corn, Chef Charles Prescott’s Hand-Tossed Salad, Yellow Cake, Vanilla Ice Cream.


   "Single and Parenting" is needing help publicizing our program to various locations that single parents frequent.  Please contact Audrey Rose (918-557-7862) or Renita Swedberg (651-0425) with ideas of locations to place flyers or brochures. 



Freezer Meal Swap

Please join us for a Freezer Meal Swap on Saturday, April 8th from 9:00 am-1:00pm in the church kitchen. What is a freezer meal swap? Each participant is in charge of making one main course/meal but you make that meal approximately 10 times (more or less depending on the number of participants). The meal should serve at LEAST a family of 4 (if your family is smaller it is like getting two meals out of each one). You can prepare the meals at home and bring them up to the church OR prepare the meals at the church (which is a great fellowship time) and swap your meals out with the others that are participating so you have a variety of meals for the freezer. You will receive the number of meals that you prepare. You decide on the meal you want to prepare so cost completely depends on what you choose to make. Buying in bulk though definitely helps. Meals need to be freezer safe in bags or disposable pans.

We ask that all participants RSVP by Friday, March 31st, so that everyone knows exactly how many meals will need to be prepared on the day of the event and that everyone has plenty of time to shop for your items. RSVP by emailing me at or calling 405-432-9093. Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions too!



Easter Egg Hunt

And Luncheon

Church wide—everyone invited!

Sunday, April 9, noon

Lunch: Sub sandwich, baked beans, chips, dessert.

NEEDS: individually wrapped candy, small toys, regular size bags of chips.






Please be advised that this is not a plea for a leader of the funeral meal team, though we do have that need presently. However, we also need multiple people who would be willing to cook part of the time for funerals. Could this be you? Here are the categories of food dishes that are usually needed for a family meal: meat/Main dish, salad/side dish, dessert. If you would be willing to occasionally provide food – please contact us at the church office and let us know which category or categories you would prefer.  You would be contacted before the funeral and if you are not available at that time, that’s fine – that is why we would like to have extra people on the list!  You can get ahold of me at or 405-275-6111. Thanks, Mary



Vacation Bible School Needs

Loaners: Drafting/architect’s table; old work bench; toy tools. Also one or two large peg boards (4’ X 6’ or so); but these will be painted on one side by us. Non-returnables: empty paint cans; metal coffee cans; electric tooth brushes; carpet tubes; old Slinkys. None of the above have to be nice or in good condition.




We are looking forward to our Pool Parties with a Purpose for the kids through 6th grade on Wednesday nights this summer! To help with costs, we would love for any church member who has a pool in their backyard to volunteer to host 1 pool party this summer. 

Here are the dates we need pools, from 5:30pm-7pm each night:

June 7

June 14

June 21

July 12

July 19

July 26

August 2

The church will provide all food and drinks, and also a lifeguard for the event.




If you are not already aware, our part-time secretary has recently resigned to take another position. Therefore, I am getting up a list of persons I can call in as needed and as they are available. Please call me here at the office if you are interested. If you just want to try it on for size, that’s OK – it is not a life-time commitment. Thanks, Mary – 275-6111.



Give Online. It’s Easy!

FBC is excited to announce that you can now manage your giving On-Line! Giving On-Line is easy and allows you to set up automatic recurring contributions and view your complete giving history from anywhere you have internet access. Go to our for more details.




If you move or change your phone number or email address, please contact us at the church office so we can make the changes to the church directory and database. (Call 275-6111 or email Thank you!  Mary