First Connections February 19, 2016

First Connections – February 19, 2016

I know that the Lord maintains the cause of the afflicted, and executes justice for the needy. Surely the righteous shall give thanks to thy name; the upright shall dwell in thy presence. Psalm 140:12-13


Nursery Workers Needed!

We are in need of volunteers in the Nursery. We have 3 positions available in Kid’s Chapel during worship service. Please contact Elaine Hawkins at 613-1937 to volunteer.



Wednesday Night Dinner

February 21, 2016

Chef –David Stevens

Chef Sampley’s Award Winning Hot Biscuits

Scrambled Eggs



Chef Prescott’s Perfect Pancakes

Pizza for the Kids


Invite a Single Parent
Single and Parenting is back in session on Wednesdays at 6:45 pm in the Kid's Chapel room.  Childcare available for all ages “0 - 18.” Brochures available at the welcome center.


Grief Share

Starting a new rotation on Wed, March 2 at 6:45 pm in the Church Parlor. Books are $12; scholarships available. Childcare provided. Call Mary at 275-6111 for more info.


Financial Peace Seminar

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Seminar also starts on March 2 at 6:00 pm in Fellowship Hall.


Upcoming Meetings:

Deacon’s Meeting - Sunday, Feb. 21, 8:30 am

Quarterly Business Meeting (& Chili Cook-Off) - Sunday, Feb. 21, after am worship

Public Relations Committee Mtg. - Sunday, Feb. 21, 2:00 pm

Guatemala Participant’s Mtg. - Sunday, Feb. 21, 4:00 pm in A-100

Grief Share Leader’s Mtg. - Wednesday, Feb. 24, 6:30 pm in the Parlor

Special Called Budget Business Meeting & Discussion - Sunday, Feb. 28, 6:00 pm

Business Meeting Agenda

{Sunday, February 21 at noon in the Fellowship Hall}
From Church Council: That the church form a Strategic Leadership Committee and that the existing ad hoc committee on surplus money be dissolved.



Annual Church-Wide Chili Cook-Off

THIS Sunday, Feb. 21 at noon in the Fellowship Hall

Chili Cook-Off will provide Scholarships for youth to attend summer MFuge mission camp in Glorieta New Mexico. Donations are accepted and appreciated! Cost of camp is $332. Funds raised will provide full and partial scholarships based on individual student’s needs.


Please pray for our Youth Minister Search Committee, elected by the church on July 12, 2015:

Katie Ford

Jon Greenwood

Amy Jennings

Jan Tipton

Phil Todd

Mike Wester

The Youth and Family Minister Search Committee would greatly appreciate your prayers as they begin interviewing possible candidates in the next two weeks.  They have added two youth elected by the youth group (Harper Morris and Caleb Jennings) to serve on the committee and be involved in the interview process.


Guatemala Trip

Please be in prayer for those that are planning to go to Guatemala this March:

Cari Burnett, Aaron & Jamie Hembree, Amanda & Emily Brock, Laura & Natalie Newberry, Jack
Colvin, Korbin Williams, and Charles Prescott .



Give Online. It’s Easy!

FBC is excited to announce that you can now manage your giving On-Line! Giving On-Line is easy and allows you to set up automatic recurring contributions and view your complete giving history from anywhere you have internet access. Go to our website for more details.       




If you move or change your phone number or email address, please contact us at the church office so we can make the changes to the church directory and database. (Call 275-6111 or email Thank you!  Mary